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In the event of power failure, back up power supplies are essential and life saving, WASP PFS can help protect fuel in your back up tank to ensure it works when needed.

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Fuel Additives

We produce and sell market leading fuel additives. Our award winning WASP Biokem SP15 biocide, and our fuel catalyst WASP FTR are available to buy today


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Designed and Manufactured in Britain

We lead the way with ultra-fine fuel filtration, electrical integration and advanced sensing and control systems.

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Fuel Polishing and Fuel Cleaning Systems - Wasp PFS

WASP PFS Ltd design and manufacture the most technologically advanced Fuel Polishing Systems on the market today. We lead the way with ultra-fine fuel filtration, electrical integration and advanced sensing and control systems..
Our systems have been designed to offer the following features and benefits:
  • Protection for your stored diesel fuel
  • Protection for your engine or generator
  • Free and emulsified water removal
  • Centrifugal fuel cleaning
  • 2 micron final stage
  • Colour touch screen control system
  • Multistage
  • Manual, programmable timer and BMS control
  • BMS monitoring as standard
  • Advanced sensing systems with real time feedback
  • Automatic stop on service requirement
  • Continually rated devices mean no limited run time requirement
  • Mechanical removal of main contaminate, reduces running costs and spare part requirements
  • Intuitive setup and operation
  • Ethernet control and monitoring
We also offer the following options
  • Absolute Polishing ™, fuel cleaning to 0.5 micron
  • WASP Connect ™, remote monitoring and controlling of your systems, wherever they are in the world
  • Particulate counter to ISO4406 with computer readout function
  • Bacterial removal filtration system
  • Automatic priming pumps
  • Manual priming pumps
  • Automatic water drains
  • Mobile phone, email, internet connectivity
  • Drip trays
  • Automatic changeover systems (multiple tank cleaning from a simple unit)
  • Modbus BMS
  • Other field bus BMS options


WASP Absolute Polishing (R)

WASP PFS Ltd are pleased to introduce WASP Absolute Polishing (R). A final stage process to clean fuel to below 1 micron, with options including 0.5 mic and lower if requested.

Fuel cleaning; essential yet so easy to get wrong.  Its time to clear up the confusion with this new range from the market leaders; the WASP PFS range of fuel cleaning systems. Ranging from small DC powered units that can clean about 8 litres per minute, up to AC powered systems which can handle approx 400 litres per minute. Each unit is manufactured to the highest standards to ensure maximum fuel cleaning capabilities.

Simplicity / ease of use and a precise efficient functionality are vital, but above all it has to do the job. Each W-PFS unit has a simple form, but a complex process. The beauty however is that you don’t have to worry about how it operates, its an automatic process.

These units will clean your fuel, removing water, bacterial infection, sludge solid and semi-solid contaminates from diesel, and similar middle distillate fuels (gas and fuel oil, MDO etc) without fuss.

2011 saw the introduction of the new revision of the EN590 fuel regulation. Simply put this is an increased biodiesel mix (7% and over in some cases) and a lowering of the sulphur content to virtually zero.

What does this mean? Well as you will read on this site and elsewhere, biodiesel can be great as a sustainable fuel, but is short lived and very easily infected with bacteria, biomass, sediment and worst of all water. The new ruling makes fuel polishing even more vital.

Cleaning fuel? You need Water And Sediment Protection - you need the WASP PFS!
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