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The History of WASP PFS Ltd

Separ UK, established in 1989, started as a specialist fuel filtration supplier in addition to distributing products such as the bilge boy and fuel cleaning ranges. Separ have since established their position as the largest and most reliable fuel polishing designer, manufacturer and supplier in the market.

Both Separ and WASP are an ISO9001:2008 company with a reputation for quality products and great service. In 1989, Separ attained the ISO 9001 and both Separ and WASP have maintained this ever since.

The Separ Filter/Water Separator range covers diesel and petrol engine applications primarily in the marine markets. WASP now also design and manufacture fuel polishing systems for a wide range of markets, including data centres, hospitals, banking groups, tank farms, factories and engine manufacturers.

WASP have taken the fuel polishing industry by storm, being the only fuel polishing company who invents, designs and manufactures all their systems in Britain.

With a clear mission and vision, WASP looks to continue using the latest technology, innovation and our expert team to design and manufacture more premium solutions.

Time line

1989 Separ UK was launched

1993 Separ UK developed the business and started to look for new products that complemented the 

Separ range

1994 The company started selling Separ equipment to the off-road and plant markets.

1998 Separ UK attained the ISO 9001

1999 The WASP range of fuel strainers was launched.

2000 WASP was registered and trademarked as Separ UK’s own brand name. All newly built products 
were WASP branded.

2003 The innovative WASP W15 range was invented, designed and manufactured

2005 Separ UK took on the fuel polishing range and fuel polishing systems

2006 WASP developed the company further and started selling to building services, major airlines 
and major banking groups.

2007 Separ UK and WASP moved from Watford to larger premises in Kings Langley

2010 Separ UK celebrated its 21st Anniversary

2011 WASP PFS Ltd was launched as a division of Separ to focus on inventing, designing, 
manufacturing and distributing fuel polishing systems and all WASP branded products

2012 The WASP website was re-launched

2012 The Absolute Polishing system was invented

2013 WASP PFS expands with new departments and additional staff members

2016 Evergee become distributor for WASP in Turkey

2017 H & N become distributor for WASP PFS in Germany and Romania

2018 WASP PFS and Separ UK become ISO 9001:2015 certified


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