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About WASP PFS Ltd- Fuel Cleaning Solutions

WASP invent, design and manufacture customised fuel filtration equipment and fuel additives, including the innovative fuel polishing systems,absolute polishing products and side stream filtration.


We are leaders in the market and our systems are sold around the world. We produce unrivalled quality equipment, and in the last 2 years have launched 5 products. We value honesty and integrity and are known for our trusting and innovative nature by our customers. WASP has over 30 years of experience and plenty of heritage and unmatched expertise.

The WASP PFS Ltd division was formed in 2011 and has now become a pioneering company, with high technical capabilities, rigid quality control systems and inspiring customer service and sales engineering teams. These divisions are core to our belief in quality above all else. The WASP engineering team are the innovators behind all the WASP products, including fuel polishing systems, fuel filters, fuel additives, oil change systems and the invention of Absolute Polishing®.

In 2021, WASP Holdings Inc was opened in Illinois USA; and a new range of side stream filtration products was launched.

That’s why WASP PFS Ltd is branded, innovative and trusted. 


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