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W-PFS-026 Premium Fuel Cleaning System


04 26 lit per min wasp fuel cleaning26 litres per minute fuel polishing system, cleaning fuel to 2 micron, removing both free and emulsified water, bacteria and particulate.

This 220v AC, 12vDC or 24vDC unit is available in a range of finishes including wall mounted, enclosure, frame and portable trolley.

Our PFS range can be custom built to your specifications and offers medium to high flow fuel cleaning with manual, automatic and BMS (Building Management System) control. Complete monitoring is at your finger tips with our user friendly colour touch screen control system. The PFS range can be custom built to your specifications and we have a wide range of add-on options to meet all your needs.




Tank sizes 10,000 to 30,000 litres, cleaning 26 litres per minute. Available in 12vDC, 24vDC and 220vAC


Easy to use, manual and auto set up, BMS, reporting and trending, export data, Ethernet desktop sharing and much more.


Including removal of emulsified and free water, bacteria, dirt, and particulate.


For data centres, generators, hospitals, marine, agricultural tanks, banking, government, embassies..


  • Advanced, high speed AC or DC system, providing full control system and monitoring
  • Manual, Automatic (timer) and BMS (Building Management System) control system
  • Fuel conditioning stage for anti-bacterial action, eliminates the build-up of algae and water in your tanks
  • Patented centrifugal removal process
  • Recirculation or transfer action
  • Service filter alarm
  • Water in fuel alarm
  • Differential alarm
  • 99.9 % free water removal in a single pass
  • 99 % emulsified water removal in a single pass
  • 2 micron final polish/fuel cleaning
  • Add-on options available

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  W-PFS-026-W W-PFS-026-W-220vac-ENC  w-pfs-026-f-22vac-3t W-PFS-010-P-220

Wall Mounted


Frame with or
without enclosure


W-PFS-026 26 lit/min

Power Options

12v DC / 24v DC
220v 50hz 1ph AC

12v DC / 24v DC,
220v 50hz 1ph AC

12v DC / 24v DC,
220v 50hz 1ph AC

12v DC / 24v DC,
220v 50hz 1ph AC

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Model W-PFS-026-W-220vac W-PFS-026-W-24vdc W-PFS-26-W-12vdc
Max flow rate  26 lit/min max flow rate**
Recommended tank size 10,000-30,000
Power options

220v 50hz 1ph AC 

24v DC

12v DC
Finish options

Wall Mounted, Enclosure, Frame,  Trolley

Particulate removal to 2 Micron
Control unit Colour touchscreen Colour touchscreen PLC with manual/BMS/ Programmable timer
BMS outputs 6
BMS inputs 2
Fuse 3a  8a  15a
Typical current 3a 5a 12a 
Suction capability 1.5m vertical lift, over 5m with non-return valve fitted and when primed
Port sizes 1" BSP-P
Pump body Steel  
Pump type PTFE Gear  
Shaft Stainless steel  
Seal Flouoroelastomer 
Dimensions *


Weight *

42KG approx

* Measurements above are for the wall mounted version. Please enquire for weights and dimensions for alternative finishes.

**Flow rates quoted assume the ideal conditions, a large positive head, no left, wide pipe work, etc. Narrow pipes, tight bends, elbows, lifts and other such external factors can and will impact on the maximum flow achieved by the system.



  • Ensure the system is securely fastened to a wall or other suitable solid structure.

  • The unit should have unique pipe work from any existing fuel driven equipment. The input to the WASP system should feed from the bottom of the fuel tank (via a ball valve and a foot valve or non return valve)

  • The system should pick-up fuel from the lowest point of the tank at one end, (below the level of the fuel feed to your engine) and ideally return it to the highest point at the opposite end.

  • The output should return to the tank at the top, opposite end to the input ideally.
  • The unit can be controlled via BMS, however it is capable of self operation and monitoring.
  • System must be primed before use and operation. It must also be primed after servicing; although with the aforementioned foot or non return valve installed, priming should only need to be done once after installation.
  • With power applied, please ensure the system’s time and date have been correctly set.
  • We recommend an internal pipe diameter of 3/4” for the 010 model and 1” for the others; however larger diameters will assist the unit as this reduces the frictional losses. Small diameters, long pipe runs or many bends in the pipe work will cause high frictional losses and cause the system to run slower than its maximum speed, or in extreme cases cause it to stop. Likewise high fuel lifts or fuel heads will also cause the unit to run slower.
  • In any typical fuel tank, the pipe feeding fuel to the engine is not at the bottom, however to successfully clean fuel, the pickup pipe going to the WB unit should be right at the bottom of the tank, below the engine feed.


Need help selecting the ideal unit?

Try our helpful new PRODUCT SELECTOR to select the model for your needs.






Need help selecting the ideal unit?

Try our helpful new PRODUCT SELECTOR


PDF Data Sheet for W-PFS-026 Quote Forms  Add-on Options This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. W-PFS-040 Gallery Product Selector Widget Case Studies PDF W-PFS PRODUCT RANGE 

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