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Mission and Vision

WASP Mission, Vision and Values


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To be a leader in reserve power and filtration technology solutions
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Our vision is to use our expertise, knowledge, and heritage to help the industry learn about the technologies we develop specifically to ensure business continuity and sustainability. We will continue to supply high-class customised systems to the industry and aim to develop our unrivalled technology even further to create even better technologies for removing particulates and contaminations. Our aim is to provide the solutions to a universal problem. To use the latest technology and expertise to innovate, design and build premium systems aimed at protecting customers' assets and their reputation from contamination problems.
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We value honesty and integrity. Customers rely on us to supply them with the right system every time, helping them to reduce their costs and increase their efficiency. We value expertise and experience, reliable software/hardware, unrivalled technology and customisation, high-class immediate response technical support, and extended customer service.
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We feel so strongly about sustainability, we have designed and manufactured unique breakthrough technology and products that provides excellent value by significantly reducing customers’ emissions and fuel waste. Ultimately, customers who purchase from us are not just saving themselves significant costs, but they are helping to save the planet.