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Fuel Polishing for Data Centres

We have supplied to many data centres all over the country. 

As a Data Centre, you and your customers rely heavily on continuous power.  However not many Data Centres realise they are risking their reputation and their business by not ensuring their back-up generator will run in an emergency.

On the other hand, many of our customers have seen how fuel polishing increases the life of fuel by removing contamination, decreasing the risk of generator failure, increasing continuity during a crisis and decreasing the costs incurred by back-up generator failures. 

The majority of our data centre customers have ordered the W-PFS Premium range of systems, as the range offers the most flexibility to suit the system to the companies requirements. Some of the key features include full control colour touchscreen programming, reporting, BMS (Business Management System) integration, multi-tank options, different cleaning speed options, a range of installation finishes (ie enclosed, frame mounted, portable) and heating and cooling options.

If you are new to fuel polishing, our guide to fuel cleaning explains how fuel polishing works.


Data Centre in Poland Case Study
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Data Centre in Poland Case Study

A data centre located in Poland has installed 4 fuel polishing on their storage tanks to maintain the quality of their fuel, improve the performance of their generator and to prevent the risk of failure during a power crisis.

Data Centre in London Case Study
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Data Centre in London Case Study

Case study provided kindly by Adler and Allan who use WASP PFS Fuel Polishing Systems.

Data Centre Brochure

Data Centre Brochure

An overview of how WASP PFS can protect the stored fuel for backup generators at Data Centres.

W-PFS Premium Range Custom Built Systems FAQ