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fuel polishing before and after

A Turkish bank data centre are delighted with the vast improvement in their fuel quality as a result of installing a WASP Fuel Polishing System.

Total Solution Provider, the facilites management company for the Ziraat Bank Data Centre in Istanbul, approached Evergee (WASP distributor for Turkey) to install a fuel polishing solution to protect the EPS (Emergency Power Supply).

Due to a design flaw within the existing fuel cleaning system, water had leaked in to one of the fuel tanks and had rendered the fuel out of specification and unusable.

Post installation of the WASP Fuel Polishing System, the water; which was both free and emulsifed, as well as any contamination was removed from the fuel. The customer was delighted that test results showed the fuel was once again in specification. The results meant the financial and environmental impact of removing and replacing the contaminated fuel was completely avoided. 

The very happy customer, has provided the following testimonial;



evergee turkey fuel polishing system for a bank

"We, TSP Total Solution Provider, are responsible for the Facilities Management at Ziraat Bank’s Esenyurt data centres. As such would like to note our satisfaction with the standard of services afforded to us by EVERGEE Energy Engineering Ltd and their Fuel Maintenance and Purification Systems. Due to a mistake in the pre-existing on site fuel system design, we discovered a water leak into a 40m3 diesel storage tank which had compromised the fuel quality. 
The fuel was out of specification with excess amounts of free and emulsified water, plus a considerable bacterial infection. After installation and commissioning of the Evergee Fuel Maintenance and Purification System, fuel samples were taken from the tank and sent to an independent laboratory; the results showed our fuel was fully with the specification as required by EN590 and its original supplier. In addition to the normalisation of our fuel, the EVERGEE Fuel Maintenance and Purification System also managed to solve our issue with black exhaust smoke from our generators. After witnessing the value and level of protection added to our infrastructure by the system and the accompanying accredited laboratory certificate, we take great pleasure in providing this testimonial letter."

Images:  Top: left bottle is before any fuel poilishing, moving to the right shows results after fuel polishing stages. Bottom: W-PFS Fuel Polishing System installation at the Data Centre. System cleans to 2 micron and includes the dosing system Add-on.




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